DOCIGRAM is an online tutoring course which uses the Computer based test system to focus on scheme of past MDCN examinations, using a pool of over 3000 question from the past few years as well as picture testing and OSCE materials.

It includes questions from basic medical sciences Obstetrics and Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Surgery and Pediatrics.

Key features of our series

Automated quizzing

Automated, self grading quizzes allowing you to check your understanding.


Our quizzes are accessible on any device so you can use the platform anywhere!

Student Progress​

Real time data to be able to track your progress and see where support is needed most.


Short summaries of selected topics for easy assimilation.


Lab values
Mneumonics Counseling & examination

Choose your plan


N 10,000 Per Month


N 17,000 For 2 Months


N 20,000 For 3 Months

All the above plans include

  • Access to a bank of over 3000 questions for the period of in Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Internal medicine, Community medicine and Special postings.
  • Timed Mock examinations with keynotes stored for last minutes revision.
  • Picture testing and OSCE materials.
  • Physical examination videos. (Coming soon)

Other Perks Include

  • A customer help line
  • Key notes (comprehensive summaries of high yield topics which help with easy assimilation and last minute revision)
  • Explanations for answers with proper reference textbooks and relevant online links
  • Lab values and Mnemonics
  • Counseling and physical examination guides


I've signed for two tutorials but this is by far what I enjoy most and I feel I get the best knowledge of what am doing coupled with much easier to never forget ur answer. Thank u so much


So far I've been doing the OSCE only and it's been moving smoothly, am really happy I subscribed


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